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SC with JAY & DAN (@jayanddan) Instagram Profile Photo jayanddan

SC with JAY & DAN

image by SC with JAY & DAN (@jayanddan) with caption : "Meanwhile back in #Canada, this moose bahd is trying to get a 🇨🇦 medal count update from PyeongChang.
(Via: Twitter/" - 1720717580827733142
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Meanwhile back in #Canada, this moose bahd is trying to get a 🇨🇦 medal count update from PyeongChang. ••• (Via: Twitter/MattJ777)

Nicholas Noble-Willock (@nnwpt) Instagram Profile Photo nnwpt

Nicholas Noble-Willock

As requested some Abdominal work! . . I’ll be the first one to admit, I don’t enjoy doing abs, but strong abdominals are very important. The role of the abdominals includes trunk flexion and lateral flexion. A little deeper we have the transversus abdominals which compresses the abdomen and protects vital organs. . . We all have abs, body fat percentage determines whether they’re visible or not. Visibility of abs is all down to nutrition! . . The abdominal circuit in the video is a beginner/ intermediate workout. Exercise number 2- Swiss ball knee tuck-The aim is to get the hips under the body (posterior pelvic tilt) so you are using your abs and not just your hip flexors. . . When working abdominals, I like to add some explosive work with a medicine ball. I’ll ost more at a later date. . . Give the circuit a try and let me know what you think!! . . @nnwpt @noblevitality 💻 📧📧 . . . . . #canada

Granted Sweater Co. (@grantedsweatercompany) Instagram Profile Photo grantedsweatercompany

Granted Sweater Co.

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Limited edition hibiscus sweater collaboration with famous Japanese comedic duo and their private label🌺