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fashion  world (@__sfw_) Instagram Profile Photo __sfw_

fashion world

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*170 k Denim Cotton Printed Kurti* 100 Percent Same as Photos Very Good Quality *Fabric -Cotton Denim* Inner - No *Size - L,, XL ,, XXL* Length - 42-45 inch Type - Printed and Button Full Stichedd Kurti For price DM us 8 designe full set 7 percent less #DM

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2μ›” 재λŠ₯κΈ°λΆ€ λ¬΄λ£Œμˆ˜κ°•~ μ•„λ‚Œμ—†μ΄ 재료λ₯Ό μ‚¬μš©ν•˜κ³  각자의 κ°œμ„±μœΌλ‘œ νƒ„μƒλœ ν—€μ–΄μž₯식. λ˜‘κ°™μ΄ λ§Œλ“œλŠ” μˆ˜μ—… 방식이 μ•„λ‹ˆλΌμ„œ μ‹œκ°„μ€ μ’€ μ˜€λ²„λ˜μ—ˆμ§€λ§Œ, 즐거운 μˆ˜μ—…μ΄μ˜€λ‹΅λ‹ˆλ‹€. 계속 μš”μ²­μ΄ λ§Žμ•„μ„œ 3월도 μˆ˜κ°•ν•  κ³„νšμ΄κ΅¬μš”^^ 곧, 곡지 μ˜¬λ¦΄κ»˜μš”~😁 #dm

κΉ€μœ μ°¬ (@new__y) Instagram Profile Photo new__y

κΉ€μœ μ°¬

image by κΉ€μœ μ°¬ (@new__y) with caption : "β˜ οΈλ“œλ£¨μ™€β˜ οΈ" - 1721022978748374215
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β˜ οΈλ“œλ£¨μ™€β˜ οΈ