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Ra🐲Sunshine🐲Pele🐲Minerva🐲Maui🐲 (@beardiebrandice) Instagram Profile Photo beardiebrandice



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Sunshine's xray! It might be difficult to see in the first picture but the 2nd shows you exactly what we're looking at, egg follicles! Dr anticipates 1-2 weeks for eggs. Laying eggs is not ideal for her recovery at this point so we're not out of the park yet, but at least we know they're coming! She's on antibiotic injections every 3 days for the next 3 weeks and liquid calcium daily. Anxiously awaiting bloodwork tomorrow or Wednesday 🤞🙏 Please keep Sunshine in your thoughts and prayers 💛💛💛 #dragon

Meike van der Zande (@meikevanderzande) Instagram Profile Photo meikevanderzande

Meike van der Zande


image by Meike van der Zande (@meikevanderzande) with caption : "Dragon power! 80x80 cm acrylics/aerosols on canvas." - 1722740869398676058
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Dragon power! 80x80 cm acrylics/aerosols on canvas.

Marie-Antonnia Catano (@draw4theworld) Instagram Profile Photo draw4theworld

Marie-Antonnia Catano


Shanta Nash (@shantanash) Instagram Profile Photo shantanash

Shanta Nash

image by Shanta Nash (@shantanash) with caption : "Who can do this?? I want it #tattoos #tattooartists #dragon" - 1722740900169170694
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Who can do this?? I want it #dragon

😈💕👣🌶😇 ( Instagram Profile Photo


image by 😈💕👣🌶😇 ( with caption : "My first attempt to work with colourpencils. Printer paper is not realy suitable for this. But I managed to play with th" - 1722716052524941575
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My first attempt to work with colourpencils. Printer paper is not realy suitable for this. But I managed to play with the colours, and keep the paper in one piece at the same time😂😊. If I can do it with grotty paper...then I can only imagine what happens when I get my hands on some good drawingpaper that can take up the pigments. Learned a lot from this one💓, both the drawing and the downloads/information/light that came in while I was buisy sketching. Here is a wild bit of poetry I like to share; DRAGONS DANCE ALL ELEMENTS OF LIFE WHILE SWIRLING ALONG RAINBOWS ALL THE WAY FROM DARK TO LIGHT BRINGING PASSION BACK TO LIFE I SOMETIMES WONDERED WHY THEY STILL DID SINCE HUMANS FORGOT ALL ABOUT LIFE LET ALONE THAT PASSION EXCISTS I GUESS THEY DO IT - BECAUSE THEY CAN IT'S IN THEIR NATURE-THAT PASSIONATE LIGHT AND WITH UNCONDITIONAL LOVE WHILE TRAVELING ALONG OUR SIDE TO GUIDE US TRUE OUR NIGHT EVEN UNSEEN, NOT HEARD, NORE FELT THEY NEVER GAVE UP THE ONES WHO ARE WILLING TO TAKE THE STEPS IT'S BY THIS FLAME THAT THEY KEPT SAFE THAT HUMANS ARISE THIS TIME AROUND... WE WAKE UP FROM BRIGHTLY BURNING FLAMING LOVE🔥💜🔥 although the place I live, is hit by a last freezing cold (-10 C😨!)..spring is in the air, and synchronisity does not care about the temperature anyway😂😎💓! Wishing you spring in your heart, and love on your way..every day💓💜💓😙#dragon######