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Mummy To Triplets & Bro (@mummy_to_triplets_and_bro) Instagram Profile Photo mummy_to_triplets_and_bro

Mummy To Triplets & Bro

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Etta says Hello 👋🏻 Etta was 10 weeks corrected here when she really sounds like she copies me saying Hello. Their sister Maya was in hospital awaiting heart surgery. Today, nearly a year later, they’re all happily playing at home together. Thank goodness 😍 docometrue

Volunteer World (@volunteerworld_com) Instagram Profile Photo volunteerworld_com

Volunteer World

Instagram Image by Volunteer World (@volunteerworld_com) with caption : "#didyouknow that #Thailand is the second largest exporter of #rice? 🤔🍚" at Thailand - 1721188176520023657
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that is the second largest exporter of ? 🤔🍚

AliaJKhan|Yoga For Real Bodies (@yogaforrealbodies) Instagram Profile Photo yogaforrealbodies

AliaJKhan|Yoga For Real Bodies

“Don’t forget how when you started this, you dreamed of this moment. Enjoy it.” • • Oh man. That beautiful reminder could not have come at a more perfect time. This giant pearl of wisdom was brought to me by my new and already dear friend @larsdabney - a fellow attorney-turned-entrepreneur who, as such, is uniquely poised to understand my struggles. Sometimes even better than I do! • It’s so easy for us to get so bogged down in all that’s wrong in our lives that we totally overlook all that is oh so right. I know I’m guilty of that ALL the TIME. I rarely take time to celebrate my successes - I’ve already moved on to the next project, the next to do item, the next thing that needs handling. Is this your MO too? • So that night, when I paused during the post-birthday-party cleanup to read what I thought was just going to be a cute birthday card (it had a beaver on it that said “dam impressive” 😂😍😂), I was literally stopped in my tracks and moved to tears as the power of his words overwhelmed me. • And I spent the rest of the weekend reflecting on how this truly is EXACTLY what I dreamed of when I embarked on this adventure three years ago. I dreamed of building a beautiful space where my neighbors could connect, relax, and escape their hectic lives. I dreamed of a community of loving, caring people who valued the same things that I do: sanity, self-care, science, and above all, kindness. I dreamed of helping people fall in love with yoga who had never wanted to try it before, or had tried it but didn’t think it was for them because they just hadn’t found the right teacher yet. I dreamed of helping people feel better and live happier, healthier, more balanced lives. • And now, after three years of hard work and dedication, all of those dreams have come true, and more. • So while I’m super excited about the new batch of dreams that I am starting to go after, I am also doing my best to pause and really enjoy the fruits that my labor of love has yielded. The best of which are definitely the amazing people that have come into my life thanks to ESY. • Tag your Lars & remember: You worked hard to build what you have today. Don’t forget to enjoy it.

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And this folks.... this is why I do Rodan+Fields... so I don't miss moments like this... it gives me the time and freedom while still being a working mama and bringing in a income for my family! I can work when and where I want and I can now give them everything they deserve, what my hard working husband deserves and what I deserve!!! Thanks Rodan+Fields XO Freebie Friday 🎁 This business opportunity is my gift to you! Let's talk ✌ #dreamsdocometrue

Megan Reid (@nutmeg1790) Instagram Profile Photo nutmeg1790

Megan Reid

Instagram Image by Megan Reid (@nutmeg1790) with caption : "I have some news to accompany this ridiculously photogenic feline! One of my dreams will be coming true near the end of " at Minneapolis, Minnesota - 1721187221435624821

I have some news to accompany this ridiculously photogenic feline! One of my dreams will be coming true near the end of March! I will be flying to San Francisco to stage at Atelier Crenn for a week! Thank you @gavinkaysen! #dreamsdocometrue