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Mackenzie Cook (@mcookfitness) Instagram Profile Photo mcookfitness

Mackenzie Cook

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10 push ups in 21 seconds 🙌💪 Video is sped up so y'all aren't bored to death by watching me do these. 😂😋 I'm getting better and better at doing standard push ups. I need to improve on keeping my elbows tucked in and not so out on the going down part of the push-up. I really want to try diamond and tricep variations of the push up to work on my forearm strength. I hope to be going to the gym soon to work on other areas that I'd like to improve. 🙌✌️ Can't wait to start working out more!! #exercise

Valencia vbigballa5

Valencia "V" Higgins

Stiff Legged Deadlift and RDLs!! Trap Bar/Diamond Bar- mixing my tools/equipment up! 💡Stiff Legged Deadlift- (hamstrings) try your best to keep your legs as straight as possible maintain a strong core, drive-through your heels on the way back up! YOU DO NOT HAVE TO HYPEREXTEND YOUR KNESS, JUST AS STRAIGHT AS YOUR FLEXIBILITY WILL ALLOW YOU!! RDL- (hamstrings & Glutes) slight bend at the knees, what I really like about this move is on my way out of the movement I dig my heels into the ground and I slightly push my knees slightly outward and boom, glutes are firing!!! 🔥 💡 remember both exercises can be manipulated in a way that works best for your program in your body type!

Jennie Kowalchuk (@jennie_kowalchuk_pole) Instagram Profile Photo jennie_kowalchuk_pole

Jennie Kowalchuk

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I always forget to point BOTH feet when I'm in a cross ankle release! 😨 Next time haha. #exercise