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Eastern Slopes Roasting Co. (@easternslopesroastingco) Instagram Profile Photo easternslopesroastingco

Eastern Slopes Roasting Co.

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Two new coffees have arrived! This Colombian coffee is straight from the farm of Gilberto Rojas. A beautiful Huila coffee that is sure to impress. It has notes of red Apple, Milk chocolate and has a heavy body. It’s great as an espresso as well as other drip methods. The exotic Idido is a washed coffee from Gedio region of Yirgacheffe, Ethiopia. It is an incredible fruit forward coffee that is buckets and buckets of stone fruit. Facebook store is Live! Link in profile. #lightroast

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Greenwell Farms (@greenwellfarms) Instagram Profile Photo greenwellfarms

Greenwell Farms

Instagram Image by Greenwell Farms (@greenwellfarms) with caption : "Coffee makes us this happy! #GreenwellFarms #Repost @marcadrianfoto" at Greenwell Farms - 1720677068607446552
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Coffee makes us this happy! @marcadrianfoto

Instagram Image by Jun (@j_kaffe) with caption : "おはようございます! 先日入荷したブラジルのPinheirinho (ピネリニョ)はチョコレートのような甘さやヘーゼルナッツの香ばしさが感じられます🍫🥜 スイーツと一緒に飲んでも美味しく頂けると思います!
nt (ニト)
東京都世田谷区" at Cafe nt(カフェ ニト) - 1720661959811476439

おはようございます! 先日入荷したブラジルのPinheirinho (ピネリニョ)はチョコレートのような甘さやヘーゼルナッツの香ばしさが感じられます🍫🥜 スイーツと一緒に飲んでも美味しく頂けると思います! ・ nt (ニト) 東京都世田谷区上馬4-12-11 9:00 - 19:00 (L.O. 18:30) CLOSE: Tuesday ・ #lightroast

image by Niall :) (@baristaberries) with caption : "That light though... @boxcar_social" - 1720623196934617957
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That light though... @boxcar_social

Luděk Polívka (@ludek1982) Instagram Profile Photo ludek1982

Luděk Polívka

image by Luděk Polívka (@ludek1982) with caption : "#lightroast #coffeehouse #coffee # lightroastcoffee" - 1720608651490914555
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#lightroast # lightroastcoffee