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As soon as it shows avoid scandal and shame Hide till it’s born, protect the family name Give Amelia a shout, she’ll whisk it away Raise it herself as long as you pay... This isn’t the service she promised to me Chuck it in the river and pocket the fee Sacrificing souls to Father Thames He’ll take the bodies, dispose of them. #murder

Marie McWilliams (@booknerdmarie) Instagram Profile Photo booknerdmarie

Marie McWilliams

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"Education never ends, Watson. It is a series of lessons, with the greatest for the last." - Sherlock Holmes. . . . I hope everyone is having a great weekend? I'm currently enjoying another one of the teas I ordered from @adagioteas this time it's 221B inspired by Holmes's BlackBerry, oriental spice, lapsang souchong and cocoa nibs and it's delicious! I think he would definitely approve! My is, who is your favourite fictional detective of print or screen? Sherlock is definitely mine and I have to give a shout out to @jonnylmiller for creating my favourite adaptation of Mr Holmes! If you haven't watched Elementary definitely do because he is perfect...and ridiculously attractive but that's just a bonus really! lol . . . #murder

Przemysław Chojnacki (@chprzemo_) Instagram Profile Photo chprzemo_

Przemysław Chojnacki