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Instagram Image by エロ (@mud_d0g_run) with caption : "It tastes excellent!! #pakistanfood #nihari #kobe" at Ali's Halal Kitchen - 1722298090450259881

It tastes excellent!! #nihari

TheModernPakistaniCookHouse (@themodernpakistanicookhouse) Instagram Profile Photo themodernpakistanicookhouse


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While my kids try fish eggs (no, really. My big sis has just dropped by with a load of sushi and the boys are sitting at the table sampling the ones they like. They are also on a rotation, whereby each keeps bringing me a salmon roe to 'try', even though I keep advising that I've eaten it lots of times and really don't want any right now: "Amma, just have it pleeeease! It's like jelly 'bubble', but fishy". 😆🐟🍱🍣), I'm posting this pic of a 🍚RICE & QUINOA KEEMA 'Biryani'🍚 I made. I heard that it's going to get really cold next week, and as I am not a creature who thrives in cold weather, am already planning meals of the 'internal central heating' inducing kind to keep us all suitably comforted during this fast approaching freezing spell. 🌬❄️ On my list of meals to make are stews of the lentil/ bean /sausage sort, casseroles of root veg and meat (on the bone), as well as satisfying curries of the chickpea/ lamb, and perhaps slow cooked and very traditional or #nihari kind - there's nothing quite like the latter two (with lots of ginger, turmeric, chilli and the like) to warm the cockles, and some! 🔥🍵🔥Here is an example of one of those dishes that is not only a complete meal in its own right, but a one pot, intensely satisfying 'tummy hugging' kind. A of any sort is always a welcome sight at any table, with its deeply flavoured rich meat or veg, layered generously between par boiled rice, dotted with abstract flecks of golden hued SAFFRON GHEE (scroll sideways!)and finely chopped fresh MINT and CORIANDER. ✨🍃 In this one, I added 1 part to 4 parts for a little added nutrients and really, just to make the dish a little bit different. It works incredibly well, and the great thing is that the addition of quinoa doesn't change the flavour of the rice at all, instead, blends in adding texture- visible only due to its tricolour quality.👌🏼 My tip would be to heat the ghee well before adding the hot milk soaked strands of saffron. The colour (much like a teabag does in hot water) comes out more vibrantly and you'll get a better flavour infusion too with the heated milk/ghee!👌🏼😋

Azka Qaseem (@azka.qaseem) Instagram Profile Photo azka.qaseem

Azka Qaseem

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Delhi nihari once again! One of the best beef nihari in town. Good halwa poori & very yummy Sooji ka halwa Not a very good place to dine in but for home delivery it’s Surely in my list. #nihari

Zus Eat (@zuseat) Instagram Profile Photo zuseat

Zus Eat

image by Zus Eat (@zuseat) with caption : "Zu's Lahori Style Nihari is so tasty!
Lamb shanks stew, cooked for hours. Pakistani stew made with lamb shanks cooked fo" - 1722051221115406981
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Zu's Lahori Style Nihari is so tasty! Lamb shanks stew, cooked for hours. Pakistani stew made with lamb shanks cooked for many hours over a slow heat. Best eaten with naan bread. #nihari