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fhan Banjarnegara (@fhan_banjarnegara) Instagram Profile Photo fhan_banjarnegara

fhan Banjarnegara


Joachim Reinhold (@joachimreinhold) Instagram Profile Photo joachimreinhold

Joachim Reinhold


: "rice" has a) no taste and b) due to (almost) 0 carbs no stickyness. How to use it for or ? 1) cook it in with hints of rice flavour like #pandang leafs. next step is to apply the usual sushi rice treatment to the "rice" ( etc). once cooled down stirr the "rice" in boiling , sieve immedeately and roll out as a "plate". cool it for several hours and you can use the plate for everything sushi rice can be used for. it is VERY fragile, the "rice" grain holds just about together as real starch would do. agaragar's own "fishy" tastes hides beyond any sheet. play with it, pay homage to the art of real sushi rice and their masters – who probably /might be insulted by this low carb . domo arigatou gozaimasu. and enjoy. inspired.

image by WEKA141 (@putri_shnd141) with caption : "#pandang lah semana bagus di matamu😎😎#141#llllll#lfl" - 1716843111868935264
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#pandang lah semana bagus di matamu😎😎

image by E_CAMGADGET ( with caption : "Format pemesanan

Dapatkan info dan produk lain di :
TLP/WA : 0822-4864-0129 
LINE : e_camstore" - 1716704433801746847
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Format pemesanan . Dapatkan info dan produk lain di : . FOR FAST RESPONSE : TLP/WA : 0822-4864-0129 LINE : e_camstoreid klik line . _ NEW _ ORI _ FAST SERVICE _ JNE _ . . Note: Admin ga balas komentar,Hub. Contact yg sdh tertera diatas, atau cek BIO . Suka Opsi lainnya #pandang

Adjie-471 (@samyadjie) Instagram Profile Photo samyadjie


image by Adjie-471 (@samyadjie) with caption : "##ngeluh boleh tapi ojo menyerah##

##selayang#pandang##" - 1716604076420010720
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# boleh tapi ojo menyerah## ##pandang##