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alhaji_mohzee360 (@alhaji_mohzee360) Instagram Profile Photo alhaji_mohzee360


image by alhaji_mohzee360 (@alhaji_mohzee360) with caption : "@360nation_media Passed Through Some Major Tsunami and Setbacks But Finally We Better Learned And Better Prepared.....#W" - 1722450962226277359
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@360nation_media Passed Through Some Major Tsunami and Setbacks But Finally We Better Learned And Better Prepared..... #Rebranding

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working on launching a new identity for a governmental institution in Bahrain - العمل على اطلاق الهوية الجديدة لمؤسسة حكومية في البحرين #rebranding

Niina Aoki (@niinaaoki) Instagram Profile Photo niinaaoki

Niina Aoki

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I've been wanting to rebrand for a couple years now and I'm finally doing it! I wanted to incorporate my cultural heritage (Finnish/Japanese) into my logo and also add a cat. I think it came out really cute! Only downside to my new business cards is the colours on the front are too dark 😭 My fault for not doing test prints before sending the file off. Never mind, the cards were cheap 😑 Now I have to work on a new website and redo/update my etsy shop #rebranding

Italyanskiypark (@italyanskiypark) Instagram Profile Photo italyanskiypark


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🔜 Понедельник, 26 февраля • Открытая лекция «Свет в конце Т.: брендирование архитектурного наследия модернизма» с @sashamoyo от @otdel.sovr.isk в @igumo_institute (Москва) по приглашению @tzam_architects . 👩🏼‍💻На лекции рассказывается об определении городской символики с целью продвижении архитектурного наследия советского модернизма. В процессе знакомства аудитории с работой Отдела современного искусства ТХМ и городского проекта «Итальянский парк» в городе Тольятти, представляются примеры актуализации и брендирования модернистского наследия с помощью современного искусства и с вовлечением местного сообщества. . 🍙 Mon, February 26th • Public lecture «Light at the end of T.: branding of the modernist architectural heritage» at @igumo_institute (Moscow) in collaboration with @tzam_architects . 👨🏻‍💻Introducing the concept of city’s semantics and its relationship with architecture and contemporary art, we’ll present some of the cases we’ve developed in Togliatti, aiming to foster branding-oriented practices of the local modernist heritage. . #rebranding