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Please Montrezor (@please.montrezor) Instagram Profile Photo please.montrezor

Please Montrezor

image by Please Montrezor (@please.montrezor) with caption : "Иииу, большущий холст! 😱🎨Что же на нём будет? 🤔🤐😏 #киевок #art #painting #inspiration #kievgram #goodmood #surprise #нар" - 1721197647165233835
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Иииу, большущий холст! 😱🎨Что же на нём будет? 🤔🤐😏 #surprise

Instagram Image by Abe. (@abeislegend) with caption : "🗣Interrupting your regularly scheduled programme with a public service announcement: 
So some incredibly talented writer" at Theatre Royal Stratford East - 1721197063871411186

🗣Interrupting your regularly scheduled programme with a public service announcement: So some incredibly talented writers have trusted me to produce their short plays. Four of them. I’m so excited for this, ever since I started Creative Blue Balls two years ago I’ve dreamt of commissioning other writers. And after two sold out showcases of my own writing, it’s time to give the platform to others. I’m glad we’ve got there this year, and this is the first of a few new exciting initiatives we have planned. The plays are funny, thought-provoking, challenging, entertaining and exciting. The writers have such bright futures ahead of them and I’m so excited to be a part of their journey. Come and join us for this new chapter, tickets are available in the bio.

Si Sultan (@ka.zumma) Instagram Profile Photo ka.zumma

Si Sultan

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Hey mom, HAPPY BIRTHDAY 🎉 @liswidianingsih only i and god know the wishes. Thanks team @bimasya.ban @jessikaprsl Rafa(gapunya ig) #surprise

STUDIO SIAN (@studio.sian) Instagram Profile Photo studio.sian


STUDIO SIAN (@studio.sian) shared  Image on Instagram - 1719084022304799431
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Instagram Image by FK (@fk_eastlong1963) with caption : "「ビートルズさん」完成😆❗️どの曲も魅力的だったのはもちろんだけれど、4人組の個性を最大限に活かしたポートレートとグラフィックのプロモーション展開が最高にイカしてた。後のグループサウンズがこぞって模倣しましたからね。実はこの絵はビートルズ大" at Osa Station - 1721197412260209116
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「ビートルズさん」完成😆❗️どの曲も魅力的だったのはもちろんだけれど、4人組の個性を最大限に活かしたポートレートとグラフィックのプロモーション展開が最高にイカしてた。後のグループサウンズがこぞって模倣しましたからね。実はこの絵はビートルズ大好きなFB友達が4月に舞鶴で(昭和レトロな)「思い出の玩具博物館」を開館するお祝いに描きました。全く内緒で予告無しに送りつけるサプライズプレゼント🎁なんです。喜んでくれるかなぁ🤔😆❓❓❓I could hold all "Beatles" completion 😆❗️ music not to mention attractive one, but promotion development of a portrait and the graphic which I made use of personality of group of 4 in to the maximum was really cool. Group sounds in the back was copied all together. #surprise