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Randy Hodur (@randyhodur) Instagram Profile Photo randyhodur

Randy Hodur


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💔Repost from @_scorpione_62 using @RepostRegramApp - Regrann from @paulsherman7 - @shesscarlett with @get_repost ・・・ When eating habits of others cause such suffering, pain and misery to innocent souls such at hers, I will always speak up, because morally it is the right thing to do. This cruelty is unjust and unnecessary for human survival. This is for greed. We should protect them, not kill them. vegan for love 💕 because all animals are friends ✌🏼 _ Repost @unconsciouslycruel “I witnessed this little chick taking what looked like her last breaths. Her life from day one was a living hell, she suffered every single day. She never got the chance to experience a life free of oppression, she didn't get to experience the warmth of the sun or fresh air, she was never comforted, never felt any love or compassion." - @melbournechickensave activist. By the time these chickens reach the slaughter age of around 6-8 weeks, their bodies are on the brink of structural collapse. Ascites is the major cause of death amongst chickens as they reach slaughter weight. Caused by accelerated growth, ascites is where their juvenile hearts and lungs cannot transport enough oxygen to their overgrown body. Of the over 550 million broilers who are slaughtered for food every year in Australia, around 2.5 million will die during transport to the slaughterhouse. @thesavemovement _ #transportation -

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