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Absolute No (@microwavecoke) Instagram Profile Photo microwavecoke

Absolute No

Bio No matter how hard I try to stop him, Jesus always comes inside me. Follow if Jesus comes inside you too.

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image by Absolute No (@microwavecoke) with caption : "anyone else?" - 1677638416827510700
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anyone else?

image by Absolute No (@microwavecoke) with caption : "Some people are legit retarded" - 1676096468522187594
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Some people are legit retarded

image by Absolute No (@microwavecoke) with caption : "Yeah I think it's $15,429" - 1668874879103801639
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Yeah I think it's $15,429

image by Absolute No (@microwavecoke) with caption : "Pretty solid ad" - 1665248920576308015
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Pretty solid ad

image by Absolute No (@microwavecoke) with caption : "Always b+" - 1663067882538314739
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Always b+

image by Absolute No (@microwavecoke) with caption : "It tastes wonderful" - 1662382101729429865
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It tastes wonderful