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Maggie Liu (@lanlan731) Instagram Profile Photo lanlan731

Maggie Liu

Bio 私人账户,中国营销号们,请要脸!不要无耻盗图!谢谢! Twitter:luhu731 📧 Its personal page,plz don't use my pics without any asking,thanks!


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Report Download 37 4.11K

:" today my snack is strawberry 🍓 " - -


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:"I love sour food,like right now i am eating hawthorn 🍡" - -


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:"i can't live without mommy ♥️” - -

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:"today is chinese new year!!and also is weekend,so i m super happy ,smiling within i m in sleep 😊" - -

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:"happy valentines day ~~that's why i m smiling 😊 ~" - -

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:"mom is sick 🤒,i m so worry about i don't have to eat these days..." - -