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Sally Warring

Bio πŸ”¬πŸŽ₯ Documenting the single cellular life of New York City (and occasionally beyond), one pond at a time.


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A photomontage of green algal colonies from at least three species growing on agar. Photographed at 100 x magnification. Swipe for detailed images. πŸ’š


image by Sally Warring (@pondlife_pondlife) with caption : "Two species of green algae meeting in the middle." - 1706748246457485314
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Two species of green algae meeting in the middle.


Wee gonium at higher magnification. Most of the colonies here are four cell units. But, nature is not perfect and you can see many colonies here that are only two celled, and many more that are simply individual cells. It doesn’t matter to gonium. Each cell is perfectly capable of living and reproducing alone or in a group.

A wee four celled green alga called Gonium. It’s such a sweetie.

Instagram Image by Sally Warring (@pondlife_pondlife) with caption : "Anothe Pondlife print is off to a new home this weekend. Many more available on my website!" at Brooklyn, New York - 1701583223074518784
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Anothe Pondlife print is off to a new home this weekend. Many more available on my website!

I seem to be a little obsessed with these green algae of late. . I love how they look, like green jewels tumbling through the water. It blows my mind how graceful they are. Each colony is made up of multiple green cells. Each green cell is an individual. Somehow the cells communicate amongst their colony and coordinate their movements. I wonder how they do it. . All of these cells originated from a single colony that I isolated from some pond water. That means they are all genetically identical. Yet, they show great variation in the number and arrangement of cells. That’s because there are so many things that influence the way an organism looks, layers of control that work above the gene level, producing variation and individuality.